We have extensive experience in the education sector, delivering many high profile, challenging projects consistently meeting the key requirements of budget, quality and especially programme – ensuring their availability for the start of each academic year.

IOBC is an experienced builder with a track record of success on developments up to $5 million in value.

With decades of experience in both Australia and the UK, we deliver on time and on budget with minimal disruption to the semester timetable.


Best practice isn't static and neither are we. We're wedded only to results.


Delivering the best outcome is our primary objective.


We work collaboratively with our Clients, the design team and our industry partners to review, evolve and improve.


We won't compromise our values. We deliver what we promise so that our clients are able to focus on their core business.

Building relationships, challenging convention, delivering exceptional results.

Every. Single. Project.


Tight Program Control

We are mindful that there is no capacity for programme overruns when the semester timetable has no such flexibility.

Consequently, we engage sub-contractors and suppliers under rigid sub- contracts that clearly define the time they are allocated in the programme.

The programme is then very carefully managed, so that potential bottlenecks can be seen ahead of time and appropriate preventative action can be taken to avoid them.

In addition, we will look to find programme savings where possible so that we can create a contingency to offset any unforeseen delays, if required.

Certainty Of Cost

With Quantity Surveying in our DNA, cost certainty is a core pillar of the Indian Ocean Building Company - no cost blow outs, no budget creep, just well managed projects delivered with the minimum of fuss.

Meticulous Planning

We build on paper before we start, so that every aspect of the project is worked through & every foreseeable scenario and all potential contingencies, are considered.

We ensure that working conditions are clean, well-organised, materials are in place so that the sub-contractors are as efficient and as expedient as possible.

Because they are aware of this their pricing is often better than market rates.

Quality Control

We treat each project as if it were our own.

The contractors we retain understand that quality cannot be compromised for programme and value results. We engage carefully, we supervise closely and we stand by everything we build.

No cost blow outs, no budget creep,

just well managed projects delivered with the minimum of fuss.

case study 1

$1.5m Lecture Theatre, Kitchenette & Student Common Area

  • Working in operational School;

  • New building in between two existing buildings;

  • Feature Oregon Pine Triangular Portal Frame

  • Working to tight programme constraints;

case study 2

$900k Cafeteria Refurbishment & Extension

  • Working during school term - scheduling deliveries before and after school opening hours;

  • Working alongside operational cafeteria - fit-out works programmed for school holidays;

  • Handover dates achieved - critical for income generating cafeteria;

  • Working with the school and providing insight into the process to the students