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Interview with Nick Ganfield from Cedar Property Group


Can you explain what Cedar Property Group Does?

Cedar Property Group is a property development company largely focusing on inner Urban Residential infill projects been doing that for around twenty five years now and we tend to concentrate on locations within ten to fifteen kilometres of the city. 

How does Indian Ocean Building Company fit into your development model?

Indian Ocean fit well into our model because we find that when dealing with a number of builders, we lose control of the progress of the job and if the market becomes busy then we become less of a priority for the builder. 

So one of the benefits of dealing with Indian Ocean is that we have more control over our projects. They can be finished in a timely manner and we find that dealing with one builder is better for us.

And why Indian Ocean Building Company specifically?

Indian Ocean offer a fresh approach to construction, which is a flexible approach. Our business is all about delivering product in a timely manner and we find that the industry is very entrenched in the old style of construction, inabilities to be flexible and get on site quickly and things like that. Indian Ocean have demonstrated that they're really interested in what our issues are are able to accommodate those.

How many projects have you done with Indian Ocean?

We're on our fifth project with Indian Ocean now and we’re about to start our sixth. That’s over a fairly short space of time also. So yeah, it has worked really well for us. 

How would you describe what it’s like working with Indian Ocean Building Company?

We find the working with Indian Ocean to be fairly easy. I think the word easy springs to mind because they're always looking to do things for us, to help us along, to accommodate us when we need things done in timely manner. So I find their flexibility and the ease of dealing with them and they’re really interested in what the outcome is for us. Difficult issues turn into not so difficult issues with the way they deal with them so we we find Indian Ocean a very accommodating and very easy builder to do business with. 

So it’s more a partnering type of arrangement?

I think partnering is it good description because we mutually respect each other’s businesses and I think that’s a really good thing in our industry.

Would you say Indian Ocean Building Company are different to other builders?

Indian Ocean Building Company are different to a lot of other builders in that, as I previously mentioned, they have an ability to be accommodating. In many respects, they approach the programming and the completion of a job in a different way, which is centered around what the issues are for the developer. I would say there is certainly a difference between other builders and Indian Ocean Building Company.

One of the most important things for us is our investors. Our investors have high expectations and we need to meet those. When we undertake project, there is a number of milestones we need to reach in a fairly short space of time. Indian Ocean are understanding of those milestones and are always able to help us with those. So as we work through a project from the time we acquire a site, through to all of the approvals and the planning assessment process, the financing, the construction and the settlement of the units, it’s a fairly complex process and it’s very important to have everything finished in a timely manner. So we very much work through that with Indian Ocean and to some extent they have even taken some of those responsibilities off us and incorporate that into the building program.

Can you think of any challenges in particular that you faced, that Indian Ocean were able to overcome?

I think one of the biggest challenges faced in the past, that Indian Ocean was able to assist with, is in the area of where there is issues to be dealt with on site, where clearly there is different directions to take, the documentation doesn't necessarily reflect the way we need to go. Indian Ocean have shown a willingness to just get on with it and not sort of make it a big deal. They certainly deal with in a timely manner in and yeah ‘let's just get on with it and we will talk about it later’ because the project needs to get finished, so I'd say that's one of their biggest pluses, is that they're fixable and accommodating in the area; to sort through issues that we often experience on site.

So they would put the project front and centre?

The project becomes the the main focus. The outcome of that project is the most important thing and that's always been the case with Indian Ocean. 

Cedar Property Group’s projects are centred mainly around our investors. One of the things that Indian Ocean provided for us was their ability to appreciate our needs and how we needed to help our investors achieve their results. So we've actually developed a relationship with Indian Ocean to the extent that they’ve become more than a builder. They’ve actually developed an understanding about what our investors require and they’re happy to liaise with our investors. They’re happy to even become involved from time to time in some of our projects, so that to us is a sign of a builder who really has our best interests at heart. So we find the relationship has gone beyond the straight builder. They really go to any extent to ensure that our process that we carry out is successful and in turn that will benefit them in the long run. 

I would definitely recommend Indian Ocean Building Company to anyone because our experience has been positive and the outcomes that Indian Ocean have provided us have been more than satisfactory. We find our relationship with them has been a positive one.